Ritta Kelly

  • Height 5'11"
  • Bust 32
  • Waist 23.5
  • Hips 33.5
  • Shoes 10.5
  • Eyes Hazel
  • Hair Brown

Absolute Weeb

Having grown up with a collegiate football coach as her father, Ritta’s learned to adjust, adapt, and excel in new surroundings. At first glance, most would consider her to be easy-going, relaxed, blending into the crowd – if only in demeanor. Even still, Ritta’s love for anime and support for those around her is anything but reserved. In her downtime she loves shows such as “One piece” & “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, as well as gaming and cosplaying. Her striking features and wide eyes result in her cosplay drawing even the eyes of those unfamiliar with the characters she portrays.
When asked what motivates her, Ritta admits that seeing those around her achieving their goals fuels her to reach, then exceed, her own. Starting her own brand, “IABAB.” (I Am Black and Beautiful [period]) was one of her proudest moments of 2020, a clothing line with a minimalistic approach to empowering and embracing the beauty of black lives. At 23 years, Ritta already has a mindset beyond her years, working to cultivate a career and life that will make her look back at and feel fulfilled with all she’s learned and given to the world. “IABAB.” is only the starting point for Ritta on her path towards success, who states “build an empire that makes a positive and known impact on the world as we know it.”