Caroline Beagles

  • Height 5'11"
  • Bust 32
  • Waist 24.5
  • Hips 35.5
  • Shoes 9
  • Eyes Green
  • Hair Brown

Actor, Bardolator

Having recently earned her BFA from University of Texas, Caroline now aspires to act in addition to modeling, having a love for both theatre and the big screen.
A true thespian, she has an intensity that keeps her audience intrigued, and an empathic nature to make you feel like a friend rather than an onlooker. She grew up with a great support system and was able to sing and act in local theatre in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Having such a love for the creative arts caused her to cross paths with other like-minded artists, constantly inspired by those around her who were breaking down barriers in the industry. When not performing, Caroline has taken up socially-distant kung-fu and bootcamp, where she hopes to bring the new skills into future acting opportunities.