Coy White

  • Height 6'2
  • Chest 42
  • Waist 32
  • Inseam 32
  • Eyes Brown

Youtuber, Chance Taker

Coy White’s debut video on his latest YouTube channel (of the same name) includes a statement everyone realizes at one point or another in their lives: you won’t be young forever.
With that in mind, Coy shifted the plans he had originally set for his life, intent on focusing on more time-sensitive projects he wanted to prioritize. To put aside one’s former plans of being a classical musician is nothing short of panic-inducing, and equally as admirable. Coy expresses his intentions with such composure, you’d wonder if he really was still in his twenties when making that first video.
Taking comfort in the knowledge that college and music will always be there, Coy has been documenting this time of creative expansion with a humble & authentic curiosity that keeps you tuning in.
Off camera, Coy finds inspiration from friends around him who live their lives “in a way that’s informed by circumstances, but very clearly not controlled by them”. He hopes to one day return to the startup world, perhaps even music, and is currently putting in the work and discipline to constantly improve his biking skills.